Healing for Pets


 Every living being has energy fields, energy healing works whether you have chickens, a turtle, a hamster, cat, dog or a horse. It is important to realize that our pet friends have emotions. Their thoughts and emotions have energy. They also absorb stress energy from surrounding environment. Overtime this stress/negative energy builds up and creates imbalance.

Pranic healing is a no-touch complementary healing system and can be done remotely. If you have a horse/dog/rescue animal, who does not tolerate touch or for safety reasons people cannot enter their enclosure, energy healing can greatly help treat their condition.

Emotional healing : Pranic healing provide great support on the mental/emotional level

  • fears/phobias/traumas
  • separation  anxiety
  • nervousness/general anxiety
  • transport stress
  • stress, irritability, anxiety
  • grief over the loss of a person or animal friend
  • depression

Physical ailments : Healing can support your pet’s self-healing ability

 in the following systems:

  • cardiovascular 
  • digestive
  • endocrine
  • skin
  • muscular skeletal :arthritis,fracture etc
  • nervous
  • reproductive
  • respiratory
  • urinary
  • pre and post surgical healing

1 session @ $75

4 sessions@ $277

Disclaimer: Although Pranic Healing is very powerful energy therapy, it should be emphasized that it is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it. If the ailment is severe or symptoms persist, please consult a medical doctor. We will only treat the energy body and chakras, please in any case do not stop or reduce your dosage of medicine without consulting your doctor